About Headstart Classes

Headstart Classes provide students with the advantage of learning next year’s content early, before the classroom teacher teaches them. For some students, this boosts their self-confidence as they understand what the classroom teacher is teaching; it is like a revision lesson for them.



The P6 Math Syllabus is clearly different from the P5 Math Syllabus. Hence, our Math Headstart classes will focus on the new content areas such as Algebra and advanced aspects for Fractions and Ratio. These are topics that will be covered in school in the first semester. It is therefore crucial for students to master P5 Math before joining this class. If students have not confidently passed the P5 Math exams, they will face difficulties in following this class. We therefore recommend students who have failed or just passed the P5 Math exams to sign up for the P5 Math Relearn programme.



About The Tutor

Trained at NIE, Mr Shaheed Salim was a former school teacher. Throughout the years, Mr Shaheed has experimented with numerous teaching strategies for teaching English, Math and Science. His systematic and progressive teaching strategy for comprehension has been very popular with schools; Mr Shaheed’s The Ultimate Guide For Mastering Comprehension books have been used by thousands of students since 2001; this is just one the many teaching strategies he has created.


An experienced and effective teacher, students love his classes because they are not only learning and improving; the fun factor is pretty high. Able to read the internal fears of students rather well, Mr Shaheed addresses them positively and helps students overcome them. Tuition is not just tuition for Mr Shaheed Salim; for him, it is a opportunity to make a positive and transformative impact on students’ lives. Many uninterested students have become enthusiastic learners through him.




Bukit Batok Schedule:


Group 1:


P6 Math  4.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. (Saturday)


Sessions:  25th Nov, 2nd, 9th and 16th Dec 2017


Group 2:


P6 Math     4.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. (Friday)


Sessions:  24th Nov, 1st, 8th and 15th Dec 2017    


Tampines Schedule:



P6 Math   2.15 p.m. to 3.45 p.m. (Sunday)


Sessions: 19th and 26th Nov, 3rd & 10 Dec 2017




P6: $160 for 4 sessions



To register, sms <Student Name>, <P6MATHHS> to 98530744.


For any queries, you may also talk directly to the tutor at 97739441.