It is a big leap from Primary 4 to Primary 6.
Many students start to struggle and are upset as they could cope in primary 4.
Do not let your child continue struggling with the basic concepts.
Our star tutor has prepared a special package for your child to relearn the Primary 5 and 6 Math. Let your child attend the P6 Maths ReLearn workshop and give him/her an excellent opportunity to improve.
However, if your child finds the last 10 questions of the
PSLE Math Paper 2 tough, then he should attend The PSLE Tough Math workshop.
The purpose of the PSLE Tough Math workshop is to help students who usually score As and Bs to score high As and A-stars. This workshop has been designed for students who have mastered the basics in Math and have no problem passing the Math test. Not to worry, all topics will be covered in the PSLE ToughMath workshop. If your child is attending this workshop, he must be willing to crack his mind for 2 hours every session. :-)
The tutor, Mr Shaheed Salim, has helped many students master Mathematics. He has designed the PSLE Tough Math workshop for serious students who want to score A-stars in their Math paper.















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