Primary Mathematics

​At Concept Learning, we use the Concept Mastery and Metacognition approaches in our teaching to sharpen our students' mathematical minds, increase their level of interests, confidence and perseverance in Mathematics. Our Mathematics tuition and enrichment programmes are designed by our Curriculum Director (M.Ed/NIE-NTU) incorporating proven theories in learning sciences research.

What is a Concept?

A Concept is an Idea, or a deeper understanding of a fact. For eg., a fact given in a math question could be: the price of a wallet after a 20% discount is $150. The facts are: there is a 20% discount and the price of a wallet is now $150. The concept involved is: percentage - what does 20% mean? What is the Idea behind a percentage? Does it mean also that I can calculate the original price of the wallet? Notice that you cannot solve this problem if you know only the facts.

What is Concept Mastery?
To Know, to Understand and to Apply knowledge of a concept to solve problems or issues.

How to achieve Concept Mastery?
Must have correct, broad and deep Knowledge, able to demonstrate sound Understanding, and able to solve problems or answer complex questions quickly and accurately.

What is Metacognition?​

In its simplest form, metacognition can be described as thinking about thinking (Wellman, 1985). One of the aims of mathematics education in schools in Singapore is to enable students to acquire thinking and problem solving skills and to make effective use of these skills to formulate and solve problems. The existing curriculum framework for mathematics designed by the Ministry of Education lists metacognition as one of the components on which the development of mathematical problem solving ability depends . According to the MOE, metacognition can be defined as the realization of, and the ability to regulate one’s thinking processes, in particular the choosing and application of problem-solving strategies.

Highlights of our Maths Tuition and Enrichment Programmes

  • Learn and apply strategies used in TOP schools to solve challenging Maths problems
  • Conceptual-approach teaching using the Concept Mastery and Metacognition to equip students with the critical-thinking skills to solve non-routine and higher-order problems.
  • Qualified and experienced specialists tutors who are able to simplify difficult concepts and teach according to the different learning abilities of the students.