NEW!! (2020)Bukit Batok Branch Schedule:



The focus of all our Primary Math classes is on PROBLEM SOLVING & HEURISTICS.

P6 A* Math:
  • P6 A* Math:      Monday   | 4.00 pm – 5.30 pm | Code: P6ASTARM1

A*Math is a special class and has 40 lessons in a year.

This course is for students consistently getting an A but struggling to attain A* in PSLE mathematics. The common weakness of students who fail to achieve A* standard is the inability to handle problem sums found at the end of the paper. These carry many marks. This program aims to equip prospective students with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently break down and solve such problems. Students who are aiming to attend Integrated Program(IP), Special Assistance Plan(SAP) schools, or schools with an aggregate of 250 and above will strongly benefit from this program as it builds the foundations for their children to further excel at advanced mathematics at the secondary level.



P6 Maths:


  • Thursday  | 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm

P5 Maths:
  • Thursday  | 4.30 pm – 6.00 pm

  • Sunday |   12.30 pm - 2.00 pm


P4 Maths:


  •     Wednesday| 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm


P3 Maths:


  •     Wednesday| 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm


P2 Maths:


  • Friday| 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm




TO REGISTER, SMS <STUDENT NAME>, <CODE> to 9385 5341 or 9853 0744.



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Administrative Matters:


Location:   Blk 644, Bukit Batok Central, #01-68. S(650644).


Our location is just a 3-min walk from either the Bukit Batok MRT station or the Bukit Batok Bus Interchange.


Buses that stop along the roads surrounding our location are numbers 157, 178, 66, 506, 173, 174, 176, 187, 985.


Buses services which terminate at Bukit Batok Bus Interchange are 61, 77, 106, 173, 177, 189, 852, 941, 945, 947.



TO REGISTER, SMS <STUDENT NAME>, <CODE> to 9385 5341 or 9853 0744.


For enquiries, kindly call 65694897 or sms 9385 5341 or 9853 0744.




Tampines Branch Schedule (2020):


P6 Maths:


  • Sunday  | 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm

P5 Maths:
  • Sunday | 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm


P4 Maths:


  •     Sunday| 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm


Breakthrough Mathematics is a special Mathematics programme for P5/6 students who are struggling to master Mathematics. Often such students have not fully mastered concepts and skills in previous years. Hence, we shall diagnose the areas of non-mastery, and systematically teach each concept and skill until students master them with confidence.



Administrative Matters:


Location: Blk 825 Tampines Street 81 #01-48 S(520825)


Tel: +(65) 6789 6198, +(65) 9385 5341 (SMS).


TO REGISTER, sms 9385 5341.






The Tutors:


Mr Shaheed Salim:

Trained at NIE, Mr Shaheed Salim was a former school teacher. Throughout the years, Mr Shaheed has experimented with numerous teaching strategies for teaching English, Math and Science. His systematic and progressive teaching strategy for comprehension has been very popular with schools; Mr Shaheed’s The Ultimate Guide For Mastering Comprehension books have been used by thousands of students since 2001; this is just one the many teaching strategies he has created. An experienced and effective teacher, students love his classes because they are not only learning and improving; the fun factor is pretty high. Able to read the internal fears of students rather well, Mr Shaheed addresses them positively and helps students overcome them. Tuition is not just tuition for Mr Shaheed Salim; for him, it is a opportunity to make a positive and transformative impact on students’ lives. Many uninterested students have become enthusiastic learners through him.




Mr Danial Loke:



With a Master Degree in Engineering, Mr Danial Loke is an effective tutor in Math and Science for both primary and secondary school students. With more than 9 years of tutoring experience, Mr Loke has empowered learners to score As and A-stars in Math and Science. Patient and encouraging, Mr Loke is always approachable to students and parents.
Mr Marcus Pang:
With a BEng (HONS) degree from NUS, Mr Pang has been teaching PSLE Math for more than 6 years. He is a results oriented tutor, with students performing very well in tests and exams. Due to his passion for natural sciences and technology, Mr Pang utilizes an interactive teaching method to capture his student’s attention, sharing life experiences and pictures from his travels, and relating them to PSLE questions.  Innovative and well spoken, Mr Pang believes in interaction or feedback with students and parents alike in order to achieve their desired results.
Mr Ahmad Salik:
NIE trained and with many years of experience at tuition centres and home tutoring, Mr Salik is hugely popular with students. He has successfully turned around weak learners to top performers.