PSLE MATH WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS & STUDENTS – How to solve difficult problem sums using the Storyline-Equation Method


Dear Parents of / P6 students,


Do you know that the Bar Models method for solving math problem sums is not for everyone? It is only for students who think of mathematical relationships and equivalence in terms of LENGTH. Thus if you have great difficulty drawing bar models to solve problem sums, it’s time that you switch to another method that doesn’t involve drawing!


If you currently have the following Questions:


(1) What to do FIRST when trying to solve a difficult problem sum?


(2) Which is the BEST METHOD to solve most problem sums?


(3) What is the Storyline-Equation Method?


(4) How to know that my math answer is CORRECT?


THEN you are highly encouraged to attend our specially prepared Workshop: PSLE MATH WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS & STUDENTS – How to solve difficult problem sums using the Storyline-Equation Method.


Details as follows.


Date: WEDNESDAY, 13 April  OR  SATURDAY, 18 April 2016


Time:  8.00 pm – 9.45 pm.


Fee:     SINGLE REGISTRATION:  $30 per person


            DOUBLE REGISTRATION:  $20 per person


            TRIPLE REGISTRATION: $15 per person


            ONLY 12 SEATS AVAILABLE.


Location: Blk 644, Bukit Batok Central, #01-68. S(650644).


Tutor: Mr Muhammad Ilyasa (M.Ed., PGDE, B.Sc, Ex-MOE Teacher, Full-Time Tutor of PSLE, ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Math since 2004).


Mr Ilyasa has been coaching students in Primary, Secondary & JC Math for more than 10 years. An alumnus of RI and RJC, Mr Ilyasa holds both a Master of Education degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Credit from the National Institute of Education, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from the National University of Singapore.


WHO SHOULD ATTEND THE WORKSHOP? -    Parents of P6 students who wish to learn a superior method to solve problem sums in order to assist their children at home.


You can REGISTER for the workshop by sending your <NAME> <”PSLE13Apr”> OR<”PSLE16Apr”> <No. of people coming> via SMS to 97860411.


For any queries, don’t hesitate to call 65694897 or 97860411. THANK YOU!