Sec 1 (2016) Arithmetic & Algebra Math Holiday Enrichment for Post-PSLE students.























It is common knowledge that that Sec 1 Math is VERY DIFFERENT from PSLE Math, such that students who excel in PSLE Math can still do badly in Math at Sec 1. The KEY to mastering Sec 1 Math is to understand fully how to deal with NEGATIVE NUMBERS as well as ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS. This course will EQUIP students with the necessary skills to MASTER Sec 1 Math.


As it is a VERY IMPORTANT course, we have lined up THREE such workshops to cater to the different timetables of current P6 students who are eager to prepare for Sec 1 Math. Please choose ONE of the following workshop groups.


Level/Subject:  Sec 1 Arithmetic & Algebra (S1AA)


Group 1: Days: 30/11, 1/12, 2/12 | Time: 9.30 am – 11.30 am

Group 2: Days: 9/12, 10/12, 11/12 | Time: 9.30 am – 11.30 am

Group 3: Days: 15/12, 16/12, 17/12 | Time: 9.30 am – 11.30 am


Location:   Blk 644, Bukit Batok Central, #01-68. S(650644).


Our location is just a 3-min walk from either the Bukit Batok MRT station or theBukit Batok Bus Interchange. Buses that stop along the roads surrounding our location are numbers 157, 178, 66, 506, 173, 174, 176, 187, 985. Buses services which terminate at Bukit Batok Bus Interchange are 61, 77, 106, 173, 177, 189, 852, 941, 945, 947.


Target Group: Suitable for post-PSLE students who wish to learn more about Negative Numbers & Algebra, as well as basic Indices.


Purpose: To give post-PSLE students a HEADSTART in the THREE MOST IMPORTANT TOPICS of secondary Math – Arithmetic, Algebra and Indices, as students who do badly in Math in secondary school are usually those who have a poor FOUNDATION in these three topics.



(1) Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of Negative Numbers;

(2) Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of Algebraic expressions;

(3) Simplifying Algebraic fractions; (4) Basic Indices.




Format: Teaching + Worksheets + Discussions


Total Fee: $180


Tutor: Mr Muhammad Ilyasa (M.Ed., PGDE, B.Sc, Ex-MOE Teacher, Full-Time Tutor of PSLE, ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Math and Physics since 2004).


Mr Ilyasa has been coaching students in ‘A’ Level & IB Physics and Mathematics for more than 7 years, as well as ‘O’ Level & IP Physics, Additional Math, E. Math andPSLE Math for more than 10 years. An alumnus of RI and RJC, Mr Ilyasa holds both aMaster of Education degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Credit from the National Institute of Education, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from the National University of Singapore.