Tuition Fees


The Tuition Fees per subject are shown below.

There are discounts if you sign up for more than 1 subject.



  • Sec 1 - Sec 2                      $ 240


  • Pri 5  - Pri 6                        $ 180


  • K2     - Pri 4                        $ 160





(1)  REGISTRATION FEE for NEW STUDENTS: $20 (one-time only). 


(2) Material fees is $50 per subject.


(3) Refundable deposit is $50 per subject.


(4) Tuition fees must be paid in the first week of the month.


(5) In general, our fees are lowest from Nov to Jan due to Early Bird Discounts.


(6) Students are expected to attend all the lessons in a month already paid for.


(7) Concept Learning reserves the right to make changes to the tuition schedule and class tutor. 


The following categories of students are eligible for tuition fee DISCOUNTS and SUBSIDIES:


(a) Students who take multiple subjects (if signed up before 31st Jan).


(b) Students who register with other students together for the same tuition class (if signed up before 31st Jan).


For SECONDARY 3 to JUNIOR COLLEGE Tuition, Please refer to Singapore Learner for details.